RICHMOND, Calif. (KRON) – Surveillance video shows a robber stealing from a cell phone store in Richmond. That man is still on the loose as of Wednesday. 

The store owner says the robber targeted not only this store but also another San Pablo store he owns.

He is trying to get the word out about this. He says the robbery suspect’s threatening and brazen behavior has left store employees concerned about coming to work.

He said the robbery suspect at first pretended to be a customer before threatening to shoot the employee.

“He showed her his gun. He walked behind the counter, forced her out of the way, opened the register, took all the money,” said the owner, who identified himself as Richard.

Richard says the thief took $1,000 in cash last Saturday afternoon, leaving store employees feeling alarmed.

“People are afraid to go to work,” Richard said. “At the same time, I’m afraid they will get hurt. At first, we thought he took the money from Richmond and he would be done but apparently, he’s not.”

Just days after the Richmond robbery, the same man showed up at Richard’s second Boost Mobile store in the San Pablo Towne Center. Richard says it was here that the suspect threatened an employee with a box cutter.

The employee texted Richard about the ordeal as it was happening and Richard called the center’s security immediately, but security did not stop the suspect.

“He said that because there wasn’t actually a crime committed during that time that he couldn’t detain him,” Richard said.

The guard did snap a picture of the man. San Pablo police later found the suspected robber’s sunglasses and red sweatshirt.

Richard says he’s heard from other shop owners in both Richmond and San Pablo who say they too have seen this man. They’re all hoping he’s stopped before he strikes again.

Richard says they have made some changes at the stores, including locking the front door and letting customers in one by one. He’s hoping someone will recognize the suspect soon.