CONTRA COSTA CO. (KRON) – Gas prices continue to climb as Russia’s war against Ukraine intensifies. 

Yesterday, the price of a barrel of oil climbed to $113 a barrel.

That’s the highest mark since 2014.

To make it even scarier, prices continued to climb even after many oil producing countries like the United States released 60 million barrels. It didn’t offset the loss of oil from Russia, which supplies the world with about 12% of its oil.

Napa leads the Bay Area with an average price of $5.11 per gallon, followed by an average price in San Francisco of $5.05. In Oakland it’s not far behind at $4.99 and in San Jose it’s $4.98.

Solano County has the lowest average of any Bay Area county, with an average of $4.95 per gallon. Santa Cruz County, just to the south of the Peninsula, only has an average of $4.90. But for much of the Bay, this is the first time ever gas averages have been over $5.

AAA has a map of the averages by county.

Motorist Mary Iwuuh said “it’s so high that it’s very difficult to manage.”

She added, “Having kids and all the other stuff to do plus the gas is very very disturbing to a lot of us but what can you do?”