SAN MATEO COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Event organizers are prepared to welcome at least 5,000 guests Monday at what is set to be the Bay Area’s largest in-person conference since the pandemic started.

SaaSts Annual 2021 is a 3-day conference for Cloud and SaaS founders, venture capitalists and executives, hosted at the San Mateo County Even Center.

All attendees must prove they are vaccinated against COVID-19, and also have a recent negative COVID-19 test. Organizers will be providing rapid tests in the parking lot.

Masks are required whenever guests are indoors, and also at the registration and testing areas. But this year, organizers planned for several outdoor activities, meetings and presentations as well.

“SaaStr Annual has been in the Bay Area since its inception in 2015. It`s a testament to our team and our partners in San Mateo County that we`re able to safely and comfortably host an all outdoors, festival style event for our SaaS community”, said Jason Lemkin, CEO and founder of SaaStr. “This is one of the biggest SaaS events in the United States with 5,000 people attending in-person and advanced health and safety guidelines in effect.”

The conference isn’t fully in-person – thousands more are expected to attend it virtually. It is scheduled for September 27-29.