‘Safe and sane’ fireworks go on sale in this Bay Area city

Bay Area

DUBLIN, Calif. (KRON) — Safe and sane fireworks are a style, not a brand.

These types of fireworks reduce the chance of sparking an actual fire. They go on sale at noon in many places on Monday, including in Dublin, California. Sales end at noon on July 5.

Safe and sane fireworks do not leave the ground and they don’t fire away from the person like a bottle rocket or a Roman candle – both of which can start a house fire if they land on someone’s roof.

Other fireworks can also start a wildfire if it lands in a dry area, which is expansive now during California’s extra dry season.

Many cities, like Fremont for example, ban all types of fireworks. But even where the safer fireworks are sold, officials are urging celebrators to remain vigilant when sparks fly on the Fourth of July.

Click here for a list of all the fireworks booths in Dublin.

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