SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Safety improvements are being made to one of the most dangerous intersections in San Francisco.

In the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park on Oak Street, it is very busy with a lot of cars driving fast. 

At Masonic Avenue where it crosses over Oak, the city of San Francisco has identified it as a high injury corridor.

In fact, back on January 4, a 54-year-old woman was standing on the sidewalk down when she was struck by a vehicle.

That vehicle had been rear-ended by another car and the woman was severely injured.

She is going to be okay and that event spurred the city of San Francisco to really get proactive about doing something with this intersection.

On Wednesday, crews were putting in some new lighting, including new high visibility traffic signals. 

A left-hand turn signal that flashes orange to warn drivers about turning left onto Masonic will also be installed. 

They’re also realigning or retiming the pedestrian crosswalk to give people on foot and bikes a few extra seconds to get out there and be safe.  

The woman who was injured last month says she is doing okay and hopes that this will help San Francisco make this intersection safer

The city of San Francisco has a vision zero plan which hopes to eliminate all pedestrian deaths in San Francisco by 2024.

“We will do anything and everything we can to prioritize the safety of pedestrians, to prioritize the safety of our cyclists, and to reduce traffic congestion and collisions,” a San Francisco supervisor said.

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