SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – One of the people responsible for a deadly and seemingly random attack on an 84-year-old San Francisco man appeared in court on Wednesday.

The incident was one of two deadly attacks on the elderly on the same day.

Tuesday during a press conference, District Attorney Chesa Boudin said San Francisco is and will continue to be a safe city.

KRON4 tweeted that statement and posted a poll asking whether people feel safe or unsafe in the city of San Francisco, and with nearly 500 votes — an overwhelming number of people said they do not feel safe; many citing the random attacks on innocent people like Vicha Ratanapakdee.

“At this point, when we lost my father, I’m still, fearful you know?” Amy Ratanapakdee said.

Still, in disbelief at the death of her father Vicha, Amy Ratanapakdee says the images of his attack as he took a walk in his Anza Vista neighborhood, continue to replay in her mind.

“Now, we are having to deal with this terrible loss of my father, and how this happened will forever be in the mind and eyes of my children,” Ratanapakdee said.

The deadly attack is just the latest example of what some San Franciscans fear could one day happen to them.

Earlier in January, a woman was beaten and her dog was stolen in the Russian Hill neighborhood.

In a recent Twitter poll about safety across the city, 85% of people said they felt unsafe.

One person saying they feel San Francisco is the least safe in the Bay Area for people who are going about their business and not involved in criminal activity.

Others citing break-ins at apartments, as well as too much drug activity and aggressive panhandling.

Taking a look at the San Francisco Police Department’s crime dashboard, numbers do show significant decreases in most crimes when comparing this January to last.

However, burglaries and assaults are on the rise.

“Now my young sons are without their beloved grandfather, it’s so senseless,” Ratanapakdee said.

Amy Ratanapakdee thanked San Francisco police for quickly finding and arresting 19-year-old Antoine Watson and 20-year-old Malaysia Goo for her father’s attack and subsequent death.

Watson was in court Wednesday and charged with the murder of her father.