SANTA CLARA COUNTY (KRON) — Safety and security remain concerns as many Bay Area students head back to school this month. 

The deadly shootings in Gilroy, Texas and Ohio is causing many families to fear the first day of school 

“The loss of innocent lives so needlessly is a difficult conversation to have,” Dr. Mary Ann Dewan, superintendent of schools in Santa Clara County. “We’ve definitely noticed a higher level of anxiety and worry”

Santa Clara County’s superintendent of schools is working hard to make sure students feel safe on day one. 

“We know that families are typically anxious anyway,” she said. “The start of school is exciting but it’s also change, and so we know already that there’s a heightened level of anxiety around the start of school as a result of the gun violence and activities that have occurred in schools and most recently in the communities.”

Dr. Dewan says it’s important for communities to work together for the students and create safe environments so that kids know they can talk to adults about what happened.

“Have an open door so young children know they can talk about their fears and anxieties,” Dewan said. 

Santa Clara County Schools are all required to have safety plans, conduct training and emergency drills.