STINSON BEACH, Calif. (KRON) — The owner of a sailboat that has been stuck on the shores of Stinson Beach for more than six weeks has until noon on Monday to get his boat back into the water. Several people spent Sunday trying to dig the boat out of the sand in hopes of towing it to the water during high tide.

Captain Logan Walker and his boat, the Chandalar, drifted onto shore on July 31. According to the captain, the boat was on autopilot when it got stuck.

Since then, community members have been coming out to help get the boat back into the water.

They have tried to tug the boat five times. “More confident now than we have been in the past because we really just wanted to get it to turn in the beginning and now we’ve gotten to turn twice,” said one community member.

PVC pipes were added between two planks of wood underneath the boat with the hope of allowing it to slide more easily. Marin County says they will remove the boat, and likely dismantle it, if it’s not in the water by noon on Monday.

“If they see the boat is making positive progress, maybe they’ll give it a reprieve,” said Andy Allen, community member.

Captain Walker wasn’t with the boat on Sunday. Volunteers said he was taking a break after spending the majority of the past six weeks on the beach.

“He’s going to tow it back to Sausalito, Richardson Bay and they’re going to try to repair because there’s some issues with it. It’s missing the tail end of the rudder,” said one community member. “We’ve had a lot of great people. That’s the best thing about the experience, meeting the people who are willing to help.”

There is GoFundMe set up to help Walker pay for the equipment and repairs.