SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – San Francisco-based company Salesforce announced that most of its employees can work remotely after the pandemic.

Employees will have three options to choose from:

  1. Flex – When it’s safe to return to the office, most of our employees around the globe will work flex. This means they’ll be in the office 1-3 days per week for team collaboration, customer meetings, and presentations.
  2. Fully Remote – For employees who don’t live near an office or have roles that don’t require an office, they will work remotely full-time.
  3. Office-based – The smallest population of our workforce will work from an office location 4-5 days per week if they’re in roles that require it.

The software company said it is their responsibility to empower Salesforce employees to get the job done and that flexibility will be key.

“The majority of our employees will go back to the office at least some of the time. And we’ve learned that 80% of our employees are hungry for the connection, camaraderie and innovation that come from gathering in-person.” President and Chief of People Officer Brent Hyder said.

Salesforce also plans to prioritize health and safety once employees to return.

The company emphasized that a vaccine management plan is in place as well as new health protocols that include face masks and regular cleaning.