SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The Salvation Army was hard at work this morning feeding senior citizens in need in San Francisco. By the time they are done, the Salvation Army will have fed about 4,000 seniors.

The seniors will get their Thanksgiving meal thanks to the work of volunteers. Volunteers with cars will transport the donated food to their destination. Often the seniors don’t speak the same language as the volunteers, but according to the volunteers, it doesn’t matter.

“Very happy, that’s just common all around,” said volunteer Raquel Riley. “Very, very happy. The common language is ‘thank you, happy Thanksgiving,'” regardless of language.”

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“While food is nourishing and comforting, I think on a day like today there is something to be said about compassion and if we can give that, I think that’s the biggest gift of all,” said Aaron Lowers, another volunteer.

The Salvation Army said it was a little harder to get ahold of the meals this year due to inflation. Thanks to outreach programs, and volunteers with red kettles and bells in front of stores, they were able to make it work.