SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KRON) – A jewelry store owner who fought back is talking to KRON4 after he kept would-be robbers from taking his livelihood.

Store owners at the Tanforan Mall have been on high alert. Over the last week, robbers have been targeting the mall’s jewelry stores.

One business owner was able to keep these smash and thieves from stealing his merchandise and he’s hoping this group doesn’t return.

Store security video from last week captures the moment a would-be robber smashes a jewelry case with a crowbar.

The store’s owner is seen running over to defend his business before drawing a gun on the masked men.

“It was a bad experience, I mean everybody is giving me a thumbs up. I mean, I don’t really feel good about it,” Usman Bhatti said.

Usman Bhatti says smash and grab robberies have become a menace for business owners across the Bay Area.

Bhatti is legally permitted to carry a gun and should he need to protect his business he’s ready.

The security video and pictures from police show one of the suspects wanted in connection with this attempted robbery was armed.

Just days after this happened, a second jewelry store at the Tanforan Mall was hit.

The brazen nature of the crimes has mall workers worried.

San Bruno police were seen going store to store giving employees tips on how to protect against robberies.

Police have also released these two sets of pictures showing people wanted for committing these crimes.

The attempted robbery is something Bhatti never wants to experience again.

He’s hoping those who are responsible are caught and punished.

Last month, Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta announced steps to address smash and grab thefts.

A three-part plan included bolstering local law enforcement response, ensuring prosecutors hold perpetrators accountable, and getting guns and drugs off the streets.