SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KRON) – People living in the neighborhood near where the Caltrain fiery crash occurred on Thursday are shaken up.

KRON4 spoke to a pair of residents in the quiet San Bruno neighborhood. As you can imagine, they were very concerned. 

“It had the truck right in front of it. I was like, oh no, it crashed. It was kind of scary. It was scary,” Nora Chavez said. 

Nora Chavez says she was in her apartment which overlooks the location where a Caltrain collided with a pair of work vehicles on the train tracks Thursday morning. 

She recorded videos of the incident on her cellphone and says when the fire erupted she became concerned for any people on board.

I wonder if there are any people on that train. Are people okay? I kind of started worrying,” Chavez said. 

Caltrain spokesperson Dan Lieberman says there were approximately 75-people on board when the crash happened.

“13-individuals have been injured, including our engineer and an operator of the equipment but again we are hearing all of those injuries are non-life-threatening,” Lieberman said. 

The sound of the collision rattled the nerves of Larry Valencia who live near this location.

“Very horrifying and concerning. Why was that train on that track with a working truck?” Valencia said. 

The answers to those questions are the central focus of the Caltrain’s investigation into this incident.