SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Grocery store workers have been on the front lines putting their lives at risk to put food on the shelves for the last year during this pandemic.

Now San Francisco supervisors have passed a resolution Tuesday to give them hazard pay, after urging large chain grocery stores to raise hourly wages for employees by $5.

The $5 in hazard pay would last while the city remains in the purple, red or orange tier on the state’s tiered system.

The extra compensation would not be required of small mom-and-pop groceries.

A similar measure was passed in Los Angeles also on Tuesday, which they called ‘Hero Pay.’

According to the California Grocers Association, many large chain grocery stores have already further invested in its employees, providing extra pay and benefits as well as safety protocols.

For example, Kroger increased pay for employees by $2 an hour.

The grocers association also believes this could cause the cost of groceries to go up which in turn could hurt low-income families and seniors.

But grocery workers everywhere have been fighting for coronavirus pay for the last nine months.

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