San Francisco area renters spent $141B on rent this decade, report shows

Bay Area

SAN JOSE (KRON) — According to a new Zillow analysis of the San Francisco metro area, renters spent $141 billion on rent in the 2010s.  

Renters spent $16.4 billion on rent in 2019 alone — that’s up 2.3 percent from 2018 and up 56.4 percent 2009.

In the San Jose metro area, renters spent $56.3 billion on rent in the 2010’s.

Renters spent $6.6 billion in 2019, which was up 0.4.% from 2018 and 65.8 percent since 2009.

The numbers are no surprise, according to Robert Aguirre of the South Bay Renters Rights Coalition.

“Well I’m not really surprised these numbers are so high because there are so many renters in the Bay Area, especially here in San Jose,” he said. “And they’re paying a lot of money in rent and the rent is continuing to rise.

Himself a renter, Aguirre agrees with Zillow that the numbers reflect an affordability crunch that has led many renters to make sacrifices in order to pay their rent, such as sharing an apartment.  

Aguirre concedes San Jose is making some headway in slowing the rise in rents.

He says a connection with the lack of affordable housing and homelessness.

“Too many people are in a situation where they can’t afford the rents anymore,” he said. “People on fixed income, people that lose a job or their hours get cut. All these different things that are happening are causing people to fall out of the system.”

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