SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – After a video surfaced of a San Francisco art gallery owner hosing down an unhoused woman, another gallery down the street is being wrongfully accused online. For those unfamiliar, the Jackson Square neighborhood is home to about six art galleries.

That video has been widely circulated, and a lot of enraged people have been taking to the internet in protest of Collier Gwin who owns an art gallery called “Foster Gwin.” 

But today employees of another art gallery called “836M” located just up Montgomery Street found out their Google reviews were suffering. People angry with Gwin mistakenly left comments on their profile. One comment posted a photo of the incident.

Employees of 836M have had to respond by saying they are just neighbors and are not affiliated, but instead are a nonprofit art gallery that doesn’t support his actions. In a statement to KRON4 they wrote:

“836M was made aware recently of a neighboring gallery owner’s inhumane action towards a community member. We condemn his actions as abhorrent, and we are deeply agonized to have seen someone treated so cruelly. We are one of many other galleries in the area. While we understand that there has been some confusion and misdirected anger towards us amongst the outrage, we want to clarify that we are not affiliated with Foster Gwin Gallery or its owner Collier Gwin.”