SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A San Francisco plastic surgeon is leading an effort to spread awareness to breast cancer patients and give them hope and guidance.

Dr. Karen Horton says many breast cancer patients don’t know the options available to them after they’re diagnosed or can’t afford reconstructive surgery.

This benefit is aimed at helping those women.

“Breast reconstruction is so important. It’s such an important journey or part of the journey for women that are facing breast cancer, because when a breast, um, has to be removed either the entire breast, meaning a mastectomy for breast cancer, or when part of the breast is removed a lumpectomy, then we really want to help restore the breast form,” Dr. Karen Horton said.

“We are hosting a virtual fashion show where two of my patients are modeling a beautiful lingerie line that was put forth for women that are facing changes in their bodies, such as breast cancer. The name of the line is called an Ever Violet and it was created by a breast cancer survivor herself. Her name is Kira Kotler,” Horton continued. “Helping a woman either maintain her sense of femininity, being able to wear clothes and, you know, flood a bathing suit. And for women, who’ve already lost a breast restoring the breast form, and it just has immeasurable benefits. It just helps them feel whole again. And it helps them to move on as much as possible after their breast cancer diagnosis.”

The Bra Benefit fundraiser will last the entire month of October.

For more details, visit the California Breast Reconstruction Awareness Benefit website