SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – For the first time in two months, many retail stores in San Francisco are open for curbside pickup.

“It’s nice to see the customers again instead of hearing them on the phone and emailing them,” David Eiland, owner of Just For Fun, said. 

For much of the day, regular customers have been stopping by Just For Fun in Noe Valley either to pick up some puzzles or art supplies or to browse the redesigned windows for Fathers Day cards and gifts.

“Instead of having themed windows we have brought a lot of product up front,” Eiland said. 

Down the street at Gallery of Jewels, they too are open for pick up, though they have also beefed up their website.

“It’s a temporary solution that needs a long term fix,” Jen Rose Norberg said. 

Store manager Jen Rose Norberg is hoping they will be able to allow customers inside within a couple of weeks because jewelry doesn’t lend itself to curbside pickup.

“Jewelry is something more personal more intangible, you have to hold it and feel it and feel the motion and memories that come through when you are wearing that piece of jewelry,” Norberg said. 

Eiland agrees curbside pickup is not sustainable for the long term, but he’s waiting to see what they city has to say about when and how customers will be able reenter the store.

“Depending on what the guidelines are, I might have to reset the entire store and remove sections so I can have social distancing if that is the rule of the game,” Eiland said. 

Not all stores along the 24th Street corridor have reopened, some are still setting up and will open later in the week, but foot traffic has picked up along the street.

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