SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – On the same day as his 99-year-old grandmother died in El Salvador, Kevin Funes saved a man overdosing in their car.

“One life lost, another one saved,” Funes said. “It’s been quite a day.”

Funes, a supervisor with the San Francisco Public Works graffiti abatement team, was working near 18th Street and Mission Street when he noticed a man slumped over and unresponsive.

Funes opened the car door and sat him up, while Naomi Savea and Livan Sanchez, Community Ambassador outreach workers who were also on scene, gave the man a dose of NARCAN and called 911.

“He was blue,” Funes said.

Funes started rubbing the mans chest, something he’d seen first responders do in the past.

“I’ve seen the EMTs do that many times before,” said Funes, a 9-year Public Works employee. “I could feel how cold he was through my latex gloves. He was lifeless.”

The man started to show signs of life as ambulance crews arrived and took him away… alive.