SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Temperatures Friday were record-breaking in some parts of the Bay Area.

In the city — people were out and about at the beaches and parks doing what they can to stay cool.

City officials are reminding everyone that we are still in the middle of a pandemic and even though it’s hot — you need to wear your mask.

From Alameda to San Francisco to the beaches in Pacifica, people are trying to beat the heat.

San Francisco city officials urging everyone to stay hydrated and stay home if possible.

And if it gets too hot inside, they ask you find a cool place outdoors to stay safe.

And most importantly — they say to remember to keep your distance from others and wear a mask.

Mary Ellen Carroll, executive director of the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.

“We just want everyone to remember we are still in a very serious response to this COVID-19 virus and we encourage people to get out stay safe but remember the precautions,” Carroll said.

In Dolores Park — rangers are handing out masks to people who aren’t wearing them.

It’s part of the city’s effort to remind people to obey the public health order.

“I think it’s pretty respectful. You have a few people without masks but most people wear them.”

The city is increasing the number of park rangers on patrol here throughout the weekend to conduct outreach.

“We also know that it can be very warm when wearing a face mask so to the extent folks are able to get outside and be separate from people that they can remove their mask as long as they are an appropriate distance from people.”

At this time — the city does not plan on opening any cooling centers in an effort to keep people from gathering together.

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