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San Francisco continues to face issue with blatant drug use, dealing

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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – People living in certain areas of San Francisco complain of feeling under siege because of blatant drug use and drug dealing.

It’s an issue we will be bringing up with the four main candidates running for San Francisco District Attorney. KRON4 is hosting a live debate this Friday.

Drug users have turned places like alley’s and transit hub corridors into shooting galleries.

People walking on the streets can see people injecting drugs in broad daylight.

“That usually there’s a lot of dirty needles, a lot of drugs, people in corners smoking meth,” Johnny Lopez said.

The Department of Public Health estimates there are nearly 25,000 addicts in this city who inject drugs.

The dangerous debris can be found underfoot in many places.

“You can be walking down the street and truly in any neighborhood, it’s kind of like permeated all over the city and you’ll see a used needle and that’s so dangerous,” Annie McIntee said.

“My constituents are fed up, they’re furious. They feel like they’re under siege. Many of our businesses are closing because they’re just everyday people outside selling and using drugs in front of their business. I mean this is an unacceptable situation,” Supervisor Matt Haney said.

Supervisor Matt Haney represents District 6 which includes the Tenderloin and South of Market where open-air drug trafficking is rampant.

“We have drugs, deadly drugs that are being dealt openly with impunity 24 hours a day,” Haney said.

This week, he introduced an ordinance which was passed unanimously to create a street-level drug dealing task force.

“What we’ve seen is that a strategy of just relying on law enforcement and just arresting low-level guys on the street is not enough,” Haney said.

City Hall staffers got a lesson in how to save someone from an opioid overdose by using Narcan.  

Last year, the Dope Project gave out 30,000 doses of the life saving opioid blocker saving nearly 1,700 lives during that time.

But still, the death toll from overdoses are high in this city.

259 died from overdoses last year, which is nearly four times the number of homicides and fatal car crashes combined.

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