The continuous flow of lava is burning everything in its wake, including the home owned by a San Francisco couple.

On Wednesday, KRON4 sat down with the men, who were hoping the home they’d had for more than a decade would survive.

The couple has been following the news for the last three weeks, and as more fissures started opening up, the more nervous they became.

They eventually got word that not only their home but all their neighbors’ homes were completely wiped out.

A beautiful home on a sprawling 5-acre piece of land quickly disintegrated when lava made its way to Arvin Munoz and Jeffrey Hannan’s second home.

“We basically own 5 acres of lava,” Hannan said.

The home in Leilani Estates sits on the rift zone. The couple knew there was always a chance a volcano could erupt and destroy it all–and there was a close call in 2014 but the lava stopped before reaching their property.

The house sits on a hill, so they thought maybe they’d have another stroke of luck.

“We thought if things broke open, we’d be OK because the lava may flow on either side of the house,” Hannan said.

Not only did it flow on either side of the home, it took the entire house with it.

One of their neighbors had an emergency evacuation in the wee hours of the morning.

“Their house got burned, and they were evacuated at 4:30 in the morning,” Munoz said. “A helicopter came by and said, ‘Get out, get out, a fast-moving lava was approaching.’”

This is all still hard to grasp.

“It’s been a labor of love. Twelve Years we pretty much held each rock and placed in the garden,” Munoz said. “When we realized it was gone, it’s devastating.”

Luckily, the couple has fire insurance and they’ve been in touch with their insurance company.

They tell KRON4 they’ll more than likely revisit the Big Island, but buying another home there is out of the question.