San Francisco DA facing backlash over decision to not charge man accused of attacking officers

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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco’s police union is slamming the city’s new district attorney and asking for federal prosecutors to step in and charge a man for attacking officers. 

The charges stem from a police shooting Dec. 7 in the city’s Mission District. 

Twenty-four-year-old Jamaica Hampton is accused of attacking two officers who later shot him.

The District Attorney’s office withdrew the charges against Hampton who remains hospitalized. 

In light of the dropped charged, a new website has surfaced, addressing what happened. 

The new website is called — a place where people can report criminal cases they believe should be prosecuted. 

There’s been no love lost between the San Francisco POA and the district attorney, but now the police union wants the feds to get involved with this shooting case.

Police body cam video from December shows what San Francisco’s police union calls an attack on officers. 

On Dec. 7,  SFPD responded to a burglary call in the Mission District.

It turned into a fight between two officers and the suspect.

Hampton is accused of threatening officers with a glass bottle.

He was later shot.

“They tried less lethal rounds but unfortunately Mr. Hampton kept on them much like a wild animal would prey,” said Toyn Montoya, president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association.

Montoya says the DA’s decision to not charge Hampton is dangerous. 

The San Francisco union as well as other Bay Area officer’s associations are now seeking federal intervention.

“Why Mr. Boudin is choosing this route to me is mind boggling,” Montoya said. “He’s sending a very, very powerful message to people out there, saying you know if you attack a police officer it’s okay. We’re not going to prosecute you.”

Hampton suffered several injuries from the shooting and had to have one of his legs amputated.  

He now remains in the hospital uncharged by Boudin pending further investigation.

In response the SFPOA has launched the website, where people can report San Francisco criminal cases that they believe should be prosecuted. 

The DA has called Montoya’s assertions false and called the hampton case unique because there are multiple victims who are seeking justice. 

In a statement, Boudin added that both officers involved in the shooting are under investigation for their use of force. 

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