SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Two crashes involving pedestrians have left three people dead. On Saturday, an 82-year-old was hit near 37th Avenue and Fulton Street. On Sunday, a taxi crashed into a building near the Yerba Buena center killing 31-year-old Willa Henderson and 72-year-old Mary Henderson of Florida.

“This was a really tragic weekend here in San Francisco,” Marta Lindsey with Walk San Francisco said. “You’re not even safe on the sidewalk. That’s how dangerous things are out there.”

“I was very saddened but I’m not surprised,” John Lisovsky with SFMTA’s Citizen Advisory Panel said. “Because our streets have for a long time been an incredibly dangerous place for pedestrians.”

Lindsey says 3rd and Mission Street are on the cities high injury network. The streets marked in red make up just 13% of the city’s streets, but 75% of the accidents occur on those streets.

While police are still investigating the details of this crash, she says speed is the number one cause of severe and fatal crashes in the city.

“You go much faster than 25 miles per hour and you hit someone, they’re probably not going to make it.,” she said.

Fulton has also been a part of the city’s high injury network. Lisovsky says city officials need to re-evaluate the layout of the streets.

“It’s simply a lack of imagination and the prioritization of drivers rather than pedestrians,” he said.

Lindsey says she has already imagined ways to make the streets safer.

“One thing you can do is you don’t put parking close to the intersection at all and you put posts in there so that you have all this visibility,” she added. “Lights can help modulate traffic so people can not get a lot of speed when they’re driving their cars. More intersections are going to need to have no turn on red or no turn on left.”

According to Walk San Francisco, 10 people have been killed while walking in San Francisco this year.