KAUAI (KRON) — Two stuffed animals got to experience the vacation of a lifetime after a San Francisco family left them behind at a five-star resort in Kauai. 

“Sutro” the teddy bear and its furry companion “Kauai” were left behind at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort during family vacation. The Bay Area family emailed the resort in hopes of getting the toys back — not expecting much. 

Not only did hotel staffers find the toys in a foldaway bed — they gave the toys five-star treatment, taking them to the beach and the spa. The person behind the thoughtful gesture — the resort’s housekeeping director, a father of young children himself. 

The housekeeping director sent the family photos of the stuffed bear and seal enjoying their extended vacation.

The family who lost the toys took to social media, sharing the pictures of the lost toys and thanking the resort for the kindness.

After the luxury adventure, the stuffed animals were shipped back to the family.