SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Fire season has arrived across California. Today in San Francisco, firefighters trained alongside the California office of emergency services to prepare for what’s to come.

In San Francisco this week, the San Francisco Fire Department is working with the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) to train on some Cal OES fire trucks and equipment.

The firefighters from San Francisco are working on using the hoses and operating vehicles from Cal OES. OES provides the city and county of San Francisco with dozens of trucks that can be used.

They are staffed by San Francisco firefighters, but these trucks can also be sent anywhere in California or across the West to assist with a major wildland wildfire or some other major event.

Usually with fires, It falls to local jurisdictions, counties and CalFire or the Forest Service to fight those blazes but this adds an extra layer of resources to help with those large fires.

“In California, we always have a lot of events. We want to make sure that we always have a capacity to respond,” Mark Ghilarducci with Cal OES said. “So in essence, it’s like a whole other statewide fire department that we can move when we need to during emergencies.”

The San Francisco Fire Department says that if their fire crews do get sent somewhere else out of the city, that they still have enough staff in San Francisco to man all their equipment and respond to all calls as needed.