OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Eleven San Francisco firefighters, all members of the Asian Firefighters Association, are headed to Maui on Tuesday to help with the relief efforts.

KRON4 Reporter Will Tran is live this morning from the Oakland International Airport as the firefighters get ready to board their flight to Maui. They are expected to depart around 9 a.m.

“For me, it’s personal. I was a young firefighter when 9/11 happened and we couldn’t go. For me, this time, I couldn’t sit around. And for me to be head of Asian Firefighters Association, I wanted to help because Hawaiians are AAPI,” said Stan Lee.

“We’re on a separate mission. We’re going to be doing some volunteering, but then we can also bring some of our technical expertise to the table,” said Kaeio Nacua, one of the departing San Francisco firefighters.

The firefighters will return back to the Bay Area in one week. At least 850 people remain unaccounted for and 115 people have died following the devastating wildfires.