SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Gym goers in San Francisco are required to wear masks inside regardless of their vaccination status.

The rule change happened the last week of December, right when The Yard in Pacific Heights was opening for the first time.

The gym’s owner adjusted to create a socially distanced gym experience for members.

New Year’s Resolutions usually mean a boost in membership at fitness centers and gyms.

That’s tough with new COVID regulations.

However, one San Francisco gym has created a pod system to adjust to the new rules — at least six feet apart.

And one member at a time, the eight workout pods at The Yard in San Francisco were a big draw for member Trigg Hutchinson.

Hutchinson tried making the best out of home workouts during the pandemic but was never satisfied with his progress.

“When COVID hit, I started stalking up on equipment for my apartment, but there is only so much space for ropes or obviously a tire to flip,” he said.  

He didn’t want to be in a crowded public gym during the surge of omicron cases.

Hutchinson signed up for a membership at The Yard three weeks ago feeling comfortable with the limited number of people inside.

“Been really conscious about public health, and it’s kept me out of the gym for a better part of the last two years, so finding a place that cares about it I think is really important to me,” he said.

Hutchinson works out with trainer Elliot Quinones who rents a pod space the same way some barbers rent their chair spaces.

There’s no sharing equipment between pods and no questioning if things have been wiped down after use.

“Own dumbbells, own barbell, you have your own squat rack and it kind of brings a sense of security to most of my clients,” Quinones said.

Owner Joe Cicero opened the gym in the middle of December when omicron cases were beginning to rise.

But with a pod system already in place to prevent spread — socially distanced and sanitized between each use.

“To reserve a pod you have exclusive access to that area for the hour. We’re asking our members and trainers to wipe everything down after they use it,” Cicero said.

Precautions like that have attracted members like Hutchinson who wanted a workout with gym equipment but without the gym crowds.

“Makes me feel a lot more safe in this place,” Hutchinson said.

Cicero says The Yard currently has around 50 members and 10 trainers, with room for more.

You can sign up and try working out at The Yard by going to its website here.