SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – A business in San Francisco’s Castro District is cleaning up after its front window was broken overnight. Surveillance camera video caught the moment something hits the window of MX3 Fitness and shatters it.

One of the co-owners told KRON4 they’ve looked all over the place and they can’t find a bullet or anything else that would have caused the window to shatter. They say after the pandemic and flooding, this is one more thing that makes it difficult for a small business to survive.

Early Tuesday morning, it was all quiet inside MX3 Fitness. But outside, video shows three cars racing down Market Street, followed by a loud popping noise.

The front window completely shattered. Co-owner Dave Karraker says he woke up to find dozens of messages. He says he first thought it may have had something to do with the storms, then he saw the video.

“It seemed to be that they were pursuing each other and there was a third car that actually went by, so it could have come from that car. We think this was just some sort of random thing,” he said.

It is a random event he’s grateful didn’t happen a few feet down the street.

“I think what’s most frightening for us is we were closed at that time, but there’s a bar right next door that wasn’t closed,” Karraker said.

He says he and his co-owners filed a police report and are trying to figure out what caused the glass to shatter.

“We’ve combed all of the wreckage that was. It was an amazing amount of glass, and we didn’t see anything but we’re still looking around the gym to see if we can see anything that may have come flying through the window and that’s what caused it,” Karraker said. 

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Karraker says they don’t have any identifiable information to catch a suspect or suspects, like a license plate number. But they’re still going to try and get help fixing the window by applying for a storefront vandalism grant from the city.

“I think what’s probably most ironic for us is we’re going to be applying for a grant that I actually wrote for the city, because the Castro was facing so much vandalism with vacant storefronts during the pandemic that Castro merchants helped write the grant and I was involved in it,” he said. 

Karraker says he’s grateful that no one came inside the business while the window was broken and that nothing inside was damaged.