A hit-and-run crash in San Francisco was all caught on camera and neighbors believe the suspect vehicle was stolen. 

The incident happened on Friday around 2 a.m. in San Francisco’s Excelsior District.

Surveillance video shows the driver of the SUV, veer right from Mission Street to Persia and into a parked car.

Moments later, a passenger stumbles out of the SUV, and then another passenger followed by the driver. 

Zhong Luo, who owns the Dragon House Martial Arts School nearby, caught it all on tape. 

Luo said, “I never seen anything like that before, this is kind of completely chaotic, completely wild.”

The driver ran over his garden, narrowly missing his gym. 

The crash woke up residents and with the hour, San Francisco police were at the scene. 

Luo hopes the surveillance video will lead to an arrest.