SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) — A 53-year-old man suspected of prompting a fatal explosion at a home in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood is facing manslaughter and multiple other felony charges, District Attorney Brooke Jenkins announced Wednesday.

Darron Price was arrested last Friday on suspicion of manufacturing drugs and starting an explosion and fire at 1734 22nd Ave. that left one resident dead, another severely burned and caused considerable damage to homes in the vicinity.

Jenkins announced that in response to investigators finding evidence of illegal narcotics manufacturing and a dead woman in the rubble that once was the home, she has charged Price with involuntary manslaughter, manufacturing controlled substances, four counts of reckless burning, child endangerment and elder abuse. The complaint adds that Price allegedly caused great bodily injury to a resident.

Investigators allegedly discovered butane tanks, ovens and other resources that correlate with producing hash oil via “volatile solvents,” according to the District Attorney’s Office. A recovered jar of hash oil at the scene contained acetone and other highly flammable substances.

Price was scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday afternoon. “As the Outer Sunset neighborhood works to rebuild following last week’s sudden explosion, we will join their efforts by standing with the victims and the community in seeking justice,” Jenkins said. “We must send a clear message that the manufacture of dangerous drugs will not be tolerated in San Francisco; this activity is not only dangerous for the individuals involved but entire neighborhoods as this case so tragically demonstrates.”

On Wednesday, the San Francisco medical examiner’s office identified the woman who died as Price’s wife, 51-year-old Rita Price. The woman’s long-standing caretaker, Lisa, is said to be the resident who was left with severe burns and was transported to a hospital following the explosion.

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Community members started a fundraiser to cover her medical bills and living expenses and have garnered more than $23,000 as of Wednesday afternoon. The fundraiser’s description said Lisa immigrated from Thailand eight years ago to support her family and siblings as a caretaker.

“Despite the deafening sound of an explosion and the extreme heat she felt, Lisa was still conscious enough to tell people that someone, her disabled employer, was still inside the house and needed help,” reads the GoFundMe page.

“She has cared for this person for many years. This trauma was most tragic and unimaginable, and we hope that the community will help Lisa recover from her serious injury of the body and no doubt, of the mind.”

The GoFundMe fundraising page can be found here.

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