SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The Bay Area hasn’t been immune from the increase in attacks on Asian Americans.

Specifically elderly Asian Americans.

Local leaders are promising change after several recent attacks.

Asian Americans want people to know that these incidents are not brand new.

“Being out in the public. In our workplaces. We are essential workers. We’re trying to take care of our families in the same way that everyone else is. And to have to live with that fear. Am I going to be subjected to verbal harassment or being attacked just based on what I look like?”

Co-Executive Director of Chinese for Affirmative Action and Co-founder of Stop AAPI Hate Cynthia Choi says COVID, followed by rhetoric from the Trump administration, has sparked an unprecedented level of hate against Asian Americans with more than 800 incidents in the Bay Area in the last year.”

San Francisco’s Mayor spoke about it Wednesday morning.

“I want to make it clear that we won’t tolerate it. San Francisco will continue to support and uplift our Asian community.”

And now, police in the city have stepped up patrols.

“We actually have increased patrols in areas where we’ve experienced a number of crimes in our communities, such as Chinatown,” said Officer Robert Rueca.

Now those extra patrols will not just be here in Chinatown but across the city where there are large populations of Asian Americans.