SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Mayor London Breed and Supervisor Hillary Ronen are determined to open a safe consumption site in the city, but because of federal and state legal issue, the cannot.

Now, both of them are introducing new legislation that would help open those sites without taxpayer money.

Safe consumption sites have been a topic of discussion for the Board of Supervisors for a while. In 2020, the board approved legislation establishing a permitting structure for city-funded overdose prevention programs. But because of the way the law was written, it does not allow the programs to open until federal and state legal issues are resolved.

Now, Breed ad Ronen are introducing legislation that would repeal the 2020 permitting structure.

If approved, it would allow for the sites to be privately funded by a non-profit before legal issues are sorted out.

It was just one year ago the Tenderloin center opened as part of Breed’s emergency declaration for that neighborhood. The goal was to reduce outdoor drug use and overdose deaths. Less than a year later, the doors closed.

Now Breed and Ronen are trying t open a new site.

The legislation they wrote will be introduced at a Coard of Supervisors meeting on Jan. 24.