SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The number of wildfires linked to PG&E increases year after year, and now a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors says enough is enough.

“PG&E has been negligent in terms of the way that they perform safety measures in California and that we have seen time and time again, their information has not been public,” San Francisco Supervisor Connie Chan said. “It has not been transparent to us.”

Chan has authored a resolution calling on the governor to not renew the utility’s safety certificate in 2023 and fund a study on Golden State Energy, a non-profit corporation which could takeover the operation of gas and electric service.

“We need the governor to really pause and start thinking about what does it take for us to make sure that when Californians have power, we’re also not at the expense of their lives,” Chan said.

Prior to the resolutions introduction, community advocates staged a rally in front of San Francisco City Hall to support the measure.

“PG&E has killed over 100 people, torched thousands of homes, poisoned millions of Californians and caused billions of dollars of damage for communities,” said Jackie Fielder of the SF Local Agency Formation Commission.

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San Francisco’s Government Audit & Oversight Committee passed the resolution, and it now goes to the Board of Supervisors. If passed at their July 19 meeting, the measure will be sent to the governor and the state agency that needs to sign off of PG&E’s wildfire mitigation plan.