SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – For the third time since the summer, a small business in San Francisco has fallen victim to burglars. In the latest break-in, two people were caught smashing in the front door.

Wendy Nguyen has been a small business owner in the city for more than 30 years, but the last six months have been tough. Her nail salon in Laurel Heights has been hit three times by burglars, and the crimes are becoming costly.

Security video shows the latest burglary at The Final Touch 2 nail salon. The duo broke the glass in the front door and rummaged through the small business early Monday morning.

“It’s crazy. I’ve been in business over thirty years,” Nguyen told KRON4.  

Of those 30 years, Nguyen has run this salon in Laurel Heights for the last 10. Since July she says the location has been targeted three times by burglars, and their biggest and most destructive haul came this week.

“They took the credit card machine. They took my nail polish. They took all my nail equipment,” she said.

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She later learned the salon’s gift certificates were also taken. With the business getting more expensive to run, Nguyen says the crime is really taking a toll. It also makes her storefront on Presidio Avenue look unwelcoming for customers.

Nguyen had the security cameras installed after the second burglary, but identifying the suspects has been challenging. The crime being so close to Christmas is disheartening as well.

SFPD did take a report. Nguyen’s next move is to get a stronger material for the door and an alarm system, but she would really just like the crime to stop.