San Francisco neighborhood cleans up after flooding

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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — “It brought us back to about five years ago when we had a water main break and it was literally just the same height pretty much as that was,” Jason Wu said. “And it’s crazy how much water was here and it just was not going anywhere.”

Damaged, wet items and restoration vans — a common sight at 15th Avenue and Wawona Street in San Francisco on Sunday.

Neighbors tried to prevent the rain from coming into their homes.

“This was all cleaned out by the neighbors just using their own brooms and shovels because the drains were all clogged,” Suheil Totah said.

But they couldn’t keep up with the downpour on Saturday.

“It was very severe rains and our entire street got flooded,” Totah said.

“I would say it was at least waist height,” Wu added.

Wu’s crawl space flooded, while Totah lost several items in his garage.

“Well these are a lot of the things that were in the boxes,” Totah said. “As I said, mainly magazines, photos, some things we collected over the years so unfortunately we lost all that.”

Totah and Wu said other neighbors lost furniture and cars.

“One neighbor were really close with it went all the way to the back of her house,” Wu said. “Even took up the whole bedroom.”

Neighbors said there’s issues with their drainage system. 

And now they’re asking for help from the city and its leaders.

“One of the questions we have is this has become a chronic issue,” Totah said. “The city has not been out here. Where’s our supervisor? Where’s the mayor? Where’s the public works department?”

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