San Francisco parklet destroyed in overnight crash

Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — About a week after a woman was killed when a car crashed into a San Jose parklet — another outdoor dining area was destroyed in a car accident.

It happened just after midnight on Friday at Aquitane Wine Bar and Bistro in San Francisco.

He says he’s grateful this happened when no one was at the restaurant, but he doesn’t plan to rebuild the parklet and prefers that it’s gone. He says that’s because it can be dangerous.

“It’s just not safe in general. I’ve never been a very big proponent of them.”

Owner of Aquitaine Wine Bar and Bistro Andrew Fidelman says when he goes out and east at other restaurant — he won’t sit in a parklet because he’s worried about safety.

His worries became a reality early Friday morning when a car crashed into his restaurant’s parklet.

“Never hit their breaks, crashed into a wall here, never stopped and flew and crashed into the end of the parklet,” Fidelman said.

“It was quite horrible to see that and think about what would have happened if it was during the day and full of people.”

Jon Bate lives on the same block as the restaurant and is an organizer with streets for people.

They campaign for safe streets.

He says he sometimes feels anxious sitting in parklets as well.

“It sometimes does not feel safe because of the cars passing at high speed.”

But he says the area on Church Street near Market Street should feel safer because people aren’t supposed to be driving here.

Fidelman says as things re-open, he believes in some busy areas — the parklets need to be removed.

Bate with streets for people does believe parklets can still have value for people who are nervous about eating indoors and if we see an uptick in cases again.

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