SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The San Francisco Police Department recently signed the “30 by 30 Pledge” as part of its efforts to recruit more women onto the police force.

Currently in San Francisco, only 14 percent of sworn police officers and 17 percent of SFPD leadership are women.

Research conducted by the 30 by 30 Initiative found that female police officers:  

  • Use less force and less excessive force.  
  • Are named in fewer complaints and lawsuits.  
  • Are perceived by communities as being more honest and compassionate.  
  • See better outcomes for crime victims, especially in sexual assault cases. 

The 30 by 30 Initiative’s goal is to increase representation of women in police academy recruit classes nationwide to 30 percent by 2030.

“I am committed to a diverse workforce ensuring equal representation of women. I am proud to have started the push for this action before establishing our commitment with the 30 by 30 Initiative. My commitment started in 2017 as part of the Department of Justice Collaborative Reform Initiatives and our participation in the 30 by 30 initiative enhances our ability to realize our diversity goal,” said SFPD Police Chief William Scott.

By signing the pledge, the San Francisco Police Department joined more than 200 law enforcement agencies across the country in committing to advancing the representation and experiences of women in all ranks of policing.

Police Chief Scott said, “The contributions women make to the San Francisco Police Department and our City are invaluable, and they deserve improved experiences and representation in law enforcement that reflect that. The recruitment, retention and advancement of women is a priority of mine and our Department.”

SFPD’s recruitment campaign slogan calls for people to join the San Francisco Police Department to “Be the Change.” 

SFPD officials wrote, “Likewise, the San Francisco Police Department itself must be the change.  Our active participation in the 30 by 30 Initiative is part of our effort to do and be better. Our signing of the 30 by 30 Pledge is the San Francisco Police Department’s public declaration of support for the women in this Department.”

For more information on how to join the San Francisco Police Department, go to

The 30 by 30 Initiative is a coalition of police leaders, researchers, and professional organizations, and is affiliated with the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives.