SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Businesses are still cleaning up from the New Year’s Eve storm. Water damage is costing one San Francisco restaurant owner tens of thousands of dollars.

The flood damage will cost The Pink Onion at least $50,000. Its staff has been working the past few days to reopen the restaurant, and Wednesday night’s storm slowed them down.

“We had no gas. All of our refrigeration got knocked out because the water was up about two feet,” Pink Onion owner Matthew Coric said. 

Photos show the kitchen flooded. Coric says it took two days to pump the water out.

In San Francisco that day, an atmospheric river turned streets into rivers. The Pink Onion’s backyard was a lake.

Ahead of Wednesday’s heavy rainstorm, Coric installed metal floodgates out front. This time, the restaurant was spared from stormy conditions. On Thursday, Coric and his entire staff spent the day cleaning rooms and finishing last-minute preparations.

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“You do what you can with insurance,” Coric said. “For us personally and just keep grinding and try to get open.”

The goal is to reopen on Friday – for at least takeout. Meanwhile, businesses and buildings next door also suffered damage from the first storm and are still cleaning up before another round of rain is expected to return this weekend.