SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A pizza restaurant worker was fired after several hungry San Francisco Police Department officers were denied service and told that they were “not welcome.”

The pizza incident happened over the weekend, when emotions were high across the nation from a police beating video released by Memphis, Tennessee officials. Hundreds of marchers outraged by Tyre Nichols’ death in Memphis took to the streets of San Francisco and Oakland voicing concerns over police brutality.

On Sunday, SFPD officers were ordering pizza from one of their favorite restaurants, Pizza Squared, when one employee told the officers “they were not welcome in the restaurant,” San Francisco Police Officers Association president Tracy McCray said.

Pizza Squared’s motto is “hella good pizza” and serves Detroit & Sicilian style pizza.

(File Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

“As frequent patrons of this restaurant, our officers were surprised and dismayed (by) this bigotry. The SFPOA notified the owners of the restaurant of the shameful and hateful actions of one of their employees,” McCray told KRON4.

The restaurant’s owners quickly responded by apologizing to the officers.

The employee who denied pizza for police officers was a trainee and on his third day of working. “When our shift manager told us about the incident after it happened, we expressly told him we didn’t share his views & that he was out of line,” the restaurant’s owners wrote on Twitter.

The shift manager was swiftly fired.

McCray said the officers union appreciated receiving a sincere apology and the owners’ willingness to make an “unfortunate situation right.” 

Over the weekend, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott released a statement in response to the Memphis police beating.

“The tragic death of Mr. Tyre Nichols after force was used upon him by five Memphis Police Department officers after a traffic stop is extremely disturbing. What I and everyone else saw on the video images reflect a disregard for the sanctity of human life and is the antithesis of the oath, we as law enforcement professionals, were all sworn to uphold,” the police chief said.

Scott continued, “This incident again raises the pervasive issue that has occurred for generations — and continues to occur — regarding using force on people of color (specifically Black and brown men). Those of us who have chosen policing as a profession all have a responsibility to make the difficult and courageous decisions necessary to change this narrative for the better.”