SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Police unions in San Francisco and San Jose have unveiled new reform measures to try and root out racist officers.

This recent action by the police unions comes after weeks of protest of police killings of Black men and women, along with the cry to defund local police departments around the Bay Area.

Now, the police unions are putting out a proposal for reform, which include:

  • Creating a database of gross officers fired for misconduct
  • Implementing a national use of force standard
  • Creating an early warning system to identify needed training
  • Making sure officers undergo crisis intervention and de-escalation training
  • Creating a use of force analysis website that allows the public to monitor when and how force is used

Those unions, including San Francisco and San Jose, are also issuing a joint statement acknowledging that there are racist police officers and the unions’ commitment to find and get rid of those officers.

Check back for more details as this is developing.

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