SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – An agreement over health and safety conditions was reached on Thursday between the San Francisco Unified School District and teachers’ unions.

The district agreed to:

  • Providing face masks for all students and staff
  • Offer an additional 10 COVID sick days for employees
  • Continue to offer weekly testing and high quality masks

“We remain committed to putting into place the highest safety standards and protocols at every campus,” SFUSD Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthews. “I’m grateful to our labor partners for their work in ensuring we can continue to support students where we know they learn and thrive best — in school. We are glad to be able to provide additional sick leave in recognition of our employees’ ongoing commitment to the health and safety of our school communities.”

The school district has distributed PPE, which includes tens of thousands of surgical and cloth masks, to schools since reopening for hybrid schedules last spring.

This week, more than 73,000 KN95 masks were distributed to staff — This is more than a month’s worth of masks.

In addition, 10 extra days will be offered to employees to use for COVID-related time off.

The state did not continue the funding for COVID paid sick leave for the current school year.

Weekly testing will also continue to be offered for students and staff on site.

Students and staff will still have access to Color PCR testing as well. More than 46,000 Color PCR tests were delivered to schools last week.

The district will continue rapid testing into February and more than 60,000 at-home testing kits have been distributed across the district.

This agreement is through July 31, 2022, which is intended to help keep schools safely open.