SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — San Francisco teachers gathered to hold a rally and vigil Saturday night as they struggle to have their demands met.

The United Educators of San Francisco and other unions remain at odds with the school district over online and in-person classes.

One of the main issues the teachers union has is with the amount of days the school district would allow for students to actually be in the school, and on top of that those students having different teachers for online and in-person classes.

The union says they’re disappointed that after a week of negotiations an agreement still hasn’t been reached.

Teachers, parents and labor unions gathered in front of San Francisco City Hall to demand the school district allow students return to classrooms for at least four half-days a week.

But the district is seeking just two days per week.

“What we really want and long for is to be back in classrooms with our students.”

The United Educators of San Francisco says continuity is crucial especially for younger students.

The union believes the district’s proposal to have students in school for just 12 hours a week and forcing different teachers for online — and in-person classes is unfair for families, the kids and the teachers.

“And that right now is what has us not coming to an agreement. We remain hopeful. Educators are hopeful people that’s why we do the work we do.”

The negotiations between the union and the San Francisco Unified School District have gone on for several days.

The union says the district has made progress surrounding health and safety but vaccines remain as a sticking point.

“It’s a shame that in this world class city the bureaucracy is holding us back from protecting the entire community.”

The union is also looking for other layers of protection as well.

“We are demanding that the school district get in agreement with the workers at the school district.”

These negotiations are still ongoing.

The union plans to continue the talks throughout the weekend.