SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The city and county of San Francisco will likely be added to the state’s watch-list because of a sharp increase in hospitalizations.

The city’s public health officer says the number of COVID-19 cases are on the rise here in San Francisco and a recent spike in hospitalizations is a cause of concern.

He says an increase in cases was expected as the city started reopening but now other factors are at play.

In the span of seven days city hospitals have seen the number of coronavirus patients go up 49% with 64 total — 18 including 13 patients from the outbreak at the San Quentin prison transferring in from out of the county.

The good news is that the city is still hitting its target with the number of acute care and ICU beds available for new patients.

But there’s also an increase in the number of new daily infections which means the health department won’t even begin to consider resuming the reopening businesses like hair salons, tattoo shops, and outdoor bars that were paused last week until after the Fourth of July weekend.

While all official events like the Pier 39 fireworks show have been cancelled, he stresses for city residents not to let their guard down when celebrating Independence Day.

He says the more people take things like wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing to heart, the sooner we can reopen the economy.

It was pointed out that since the virus the city’s unemployment rate has gone from a record low to a record high of nearly 13 percent.

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