The City of San Francisco is helping people with suspended licenses get back on the road.

The program was created to help low-income people who cannot afford to pay their fines. To do this, the city has come up with the money to help the court’s clear a backlog of old cases.

This move by the city could help as many as 88,000 people in San Francisco get their suspended driver’s licenses back.

The people impacted would have had their licenses taken away for missing their court date to address traffic tickets because they couldn’t afford to pay the fines.

The San Francisco Superior Court stopped suspending licenses of people unable to pay traffic fines back in 2015 and legislation ended the practice statewide in 2017 but there was still a backlog of people whose driving privileges were put into limbo and the court needed funds to straighten it out.

On Tuesday, San Francisco Mayor Breed announced that she has come up with $15,000 to help the court get these affected residents to get back on the road and on with their lives.

One community leader advocating for this change says this will make the system fairer.

This does not affect people charged with reckless driving or DUI’s.

The people getting their licenses back will still have to pay their fines but now the court has a system in place to allow them to pay in installments or get their fines reduced based on financial hardship.

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