SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Spooky decorations are up, pumpkins are carved and businesses in San Francisco’s Castro District are gearing up for what could be an almost normal Halloween.

It’s a big difference from this time last year.

Last year, people were discouraged from going to the Castro and some businesses, like the bar Moby Dick, was shut down altogether.

But now, they’ve got their scary decorations up alongside their signs letting customers know they need to be vaccinated before coming inside. The bartender is expecting that it will be a fun weekend.

Most people are happy to have a reason to get dressed up in costume and have fun.

One man said he has plans tonight, Saturday and Sunday, but bought a home COVID test kit just in case.

The city’s public health department has a list of tips for those out celebrating, including asking people to consider wearing a well-fitted face mask in private indoor settings, especially if you don’t know the vaccination status of those you are with, and in large crowds outside.