(KRON) — A brewery in the South Bay is doing its part to help save iconic San Francisco brewery, Anchor Brewing. Fox Tale Fermentation Project, a San Jose brewery, has released a new beer in collaboration with the Anchor Union group.

Proceeds from the beer, which is called Solidarity Ale, will be donated to the union in support of the workers’ efforts to buy Anchor Brewing and keep the brewery famous for brewing Anchor Steam alive.

“100% of proceeds from Solidarity Ale will be donated to the Anchor Union in their bid/fight/dream of reclaiming Anchor and keeping a legendary institution alive in San Francisco as a worker-owner co-operative,” ready a post from Fox Tale.

Solidarity Ale is described as the South Bay brewery’s “rendition of a pre-prohibition style California Commons ale,” that uses “malted barley from Admiral Maltings,” a malt-house on Alameda Point. California Commons ale, often referred to as “steam beer,” is the same style as Anchor Steam. The beer is fermented with the same hybrid lager yeast used in the iconic SF brew.

The beer, which features a label derived from the classic Anchor Steam label, is available this weekend down at the Fox Tale Fermentation Project brewery in San Jose.

The employees of Anchor Brewery have launched a GoFundMe on Monday in an effort to raise money to purchase the brewery. It has raised more than $20,000 within a day with an end goal of $50,000.

“We are Anchor: we are working class people, many of us Bay Area natives who grew up seeing our family members drink Anchor. We take an immense amount of pride in the work that we do. We are now asking for the chance to continue that work,” the GoFundMe states.