SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Businesses are proposing al fresco dining for good. A portion of San Pedro Square in Downtown San Jose closed for outdoor dining since the early days of the pandemic.

Restaurant and shop owners are hoping this entire street will be shut down to make up for lost revenue the past year.

“This street shut down has been a lifesaver myself and a lot of these other businesses,” Randy Musterer said.

Randy Musterer owns Sushi Confidential in San Pedro Square — He along with other business owners met with San Jose City Council to keep al fresco dining.

“As you know a lot of corporate is not around so we’re really just relying on a lot of the residential here,” Musterer said.

Brandon Miranda is a server down the street at 71 Saint Peter and welcomes the idea.

“We’re definitely in support of it and we feel just giving our voices to the idea of trying to show how cool and beautiful we can make this whole place look,” Miranda said. 

The street closed early in the pandemic to allow outdoor dining and has been working out.

“I can tell you since this has been opened it has definitely helped create a buzz around this whole street,” Miranda said. 

San Pedro Square businesses are proposing to shut down San Pedro Street between Santa Clara Street and W. Saint John Street — The only entrance to the parking garage would be through Market Street.

“I think they should keep this closed forever,” resident Rick Medefesser said. 

Diners feel for the struggling businesses.

“They need to do it for a while for these restaurants for when things get more normal that can have double the crowds to help make up for things, there isn’t any use of the street if you go around,” Medefesser said. 

In the meantime, the city of San Jose’s Department of Transportation is looking into the proposal saying in part:

“There are many factors to consider, such as whether a full-time or time-limited closure would be most appropriate, how access to the parking garage might be maintained, what impact it might have on surrounding traffic, and how it can best support community events.”

Still in the early stages and a number of different agencies to give input in this proposal. Outdoor dining will remain in the foreseeable future.