SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — San Pedro Street is already closed for outdoor seating which started during COVID-19. In three years, it’ll officially be considered an outdoor mall with major upgrades costing nearly $10 million.

San Jose city council approved the $9.5-million project earlier this week. It turns San Pedro Street in San Jose into a pedestrian-only area, re-paving the street into a sidewalk, re-routing parking garages and adding medical aid lanes and vibrant street decor. Ultimately, the renovation would give each business 10 to12 feet of outdoor dining area, which would cost them a $532 permit.

Last summer the area fully closed to cars which allowed businesses to thrive and brough up infrastructure issues leading to these new plans that the city said will be a local financial success.

The city still doesn’t know where the funds will come from but plans to absorb most of the construction costs and may seek out grants.