(KRON) — Thousands of San Jose city workers are preparing to go on a three-day strike starting Tuesday potentially impacting critical city services.

Union officials say they are closer to an agreement and are meeting with the City of San Jose Monday morning. However, the strike is still planned if an agreement is not met.

Last week 99 percent of 4,500 San Jose city workers voted for the three-day authorized strike. There are currently 6,600 workers including 911 dispatchers, librarians, airport workers, sanitation specialists and city inspectors.

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan said he would possibly shut down the city’s animal care center to help cover the costs of the three-day strike. Workers hope to receive better pay because they say they are doing more work.

Mayor Mahan also said the city’s budget projections could be a bit conservative, but he does not want the city to go into any debt.