SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Just more than a month after a woman died from receiving buttock injections in a Burlingame hotel room, a San Jose couple faces felony charges for allegedly running an unlicensed botox operation from their home. Prosecutors say the couple charged people hundreds of dollars for Botox injections, lip fillers and more, without a medical license.

One suspect spoke to KRON4 Wednesday night. Monica Canales, 45, stresses her home wasn’t an illegal med spa.

“Nothing. We could talk to my lawyer, but nothing was done. Nothing was found in my house. It is a lie. Nothing was found here,” she said. 

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Ann Huntley says customers believed the business was legitimate. She’s charging Canales and 48-year-old James Carey with multiple felony counts of unlicensed practice of medicine.

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“They don’t know anatomy. They could inject it into a blood vessel, and that substance can travel to the brain or to the heart and can cause death,” Huntley said. 

Huntley says it all started after a patient became suspicious when every time she asked for licensing information, she got the runaround. The patient learned on her own that there was no license. 

Huntley says later a dentist reported that someone tried to order Botox using her electronic signature. That person was James Carey.

Huntley says there is a black market on the internet for Botox, and she knows everyone woman wants to be beautiful. But be careful.

“I want them to do it safely and to make sure that they see people who are qualified to do these services and licensed,” she said. 

And for Canales, despite what the DA says, she promises she didn’t inject Botox into women.

“There is false accusations,” she said. “It’s a vendetta from a doctor.”